State Committees

The Society has a number of committees. Chairpersons of Society committees are appointed by the Society President, serve at his or her pleasure, and do not have any set term of office. These committees carry out various functions for the Society. There are three basic categories of committees:

State Committees Which Organize the Organization

The role of organization focused committees is to carry out organizational functions that are necessary for the Society's operations.

  • Communications Committee
    Shannon Boyle, MSW, LCSW [email protected]

  • Elections Committee

  • Finance Committee
    Executive Committee
  • Membership Committee: 

  • Strategic Planning Committee:
    Executive Committee

Mission Centered Committees Interacting with the Professional Community 

The role of these committees is to carry out functions described by the Society's mission statement.

  • Annual Education Conference  Committee

  • Ethics and Professional Standards Committee: TBA

  • Legislative Committee
    Marsha Wineburgh, DSW, LCSW-R:  [email protected]

  • Mentorship and Peer Consultation Committee
    Chris Ann Farhood, MSW, LCSW  [email protected]

  • Practice Management Committee
    Jay E. Korman, MSW, LCSW-R, BC-TMH [email protected]

Practice Areas Committees

Practice committees bring together members of the Society who share a mutual interest in a particular area of clinical practice

To learn about meetings, programs and events of any committee click here to go to the Society Calendar.

To obtain news regarding any Society committee click here to go to Society News.

NOTE: Some chapters have their own practice committees which reflect the unique practice interests of their members. To view a list of each chapter's practice committees click here to go to the chapter section of the Society website, then click on the chapter in question and review the chapter committee area of the chapter's web page to find the chapter's practice committees.