Welcome to the Community Bulletin Board Listserv 

The Community Bulletin Board (CBB) Listserv was created to reduce OT (“Off Topic”) posts, which currently appear on the chapter professional Listservs.  This is a place for Society members to share announcements of office space, summer rentals, books and other items for sale.  It can be used to seek services or resources unrelated to social work practice (e.g. dentists, housekeepers).   Study groups, workshops and conferences which do not confer continuing education credits may also be posted here.  The CBB Listserv is primarily for members but non-members may register to participate for a 30-day trial period, after which they must join the NYSSCSW to continue.  

Rules of the Road: 

Please see the CBB Listserv Guidelines  for the full NYSSCSW CBB Listserv Guidelines. But here are a few highlights to remember when posting: 

1.) No conferences, workshops, study groups, or other programs offering NYS continuing education credits (CEUs) can be posted. Please see Chapter Listserv Guidelines for posting these events there. 

2.) Clear subject headings are required for easy access by readers. Because the CBB Listserv goes to members throughout New York State, use subject headings mentioning the specific location, for example, “Summer Rental Putnam County” or “ISO Housekeeper Brooklyn”. 

3.) Participants may post items once a week for up to 90 days. After that, a post may be renewed upon request. Contact us at if you have questions.  

4.) Non-members who are licensed mental health professionals can read and post on the CBB Listserv for 30 days before NYSSCSW membership is required.  Posting for colleagues is not permitted as they may register and post for themselves during a 30-day trial period.   

5.) No postings of political themes, content, or opinions are permitted.  

To register, email [email protected]. Please include your name, your email address (NYSSCSW members must use the same email address they use for the Society) and email preference (all mail or digest).  


The opinions and views expressed in the CBB Listserv belong exclusively to the individual posting. NYSSCSW does not endorse, promote, or accept any responsibility for, the views, opinions, information, or recommendations posted, whether posted by NYSSCSW, or by any other participants of the CBB Listserv, or any other third party.  In no event shall NYSSCSW be liable for any direct, special, indirect or consequential damages, incidental, or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of any information posted on this Listserv.  

NYSSCSW does not filter e-mail group messages for viruses and/or other malware. It is the responsibility and requirement that all CBB Listserv participants have recent and updated Anti-Virus software on their computers.  NYSSCSW is not responsible for any damage, loss of data or productivity due to virus/malware activity that may be inadvertently delivered via this Listserv.