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Welcome to the web page of the Suffolk Chapter of the New York State Society for Clinical Social Work, Inc.  The Suffolk Chapter covers Suffolk County on Long Island.

The Suffolk Chapter Board meets on a quarterly basis, as needed, at various locations in Suffolk County.  The Chapter also conducts periodic educational workshops, either after the end of a Chapter Board meeting or as a separate educational program.  The Chapter holds an annual education conference each year in the Spring for which a registration fee is charged (at a discount for Society members).  You may check the Suffolk Chapter Calendar for information about these meetings, educational programs and other activities.

The Chapter has an Adelphi University Liaison Committee, Disaster Preparedness Committee, Education Committee, Legislative Committee, Membership Committee, Mentorship Committee, Vendorship Committee and a Website Committee.  If you have any questions about a committee or wish to join a committee, you may contact the committee’s chairperson listed below.  You may check the Suffolk Chapter Calendar for information about committee meetings and programs.

We welcome you to attend our Chapter Board meetings, educational workshops, annual education conference and other activities, to learn about the Society and the Suffolk Chapter, to join with us and to participate actively in Suffolk Chapter activities.

Chapter Leadership

President Sandra Jo Lane, LCSW-R
[email protected]

Vice-President: Diane Freedman, PhD., LCSW 
(631) 751-5559
[email protected]

Treasurer:  Kathy LaFemina, MSW, LCSW
(631) 244-7187
[email protected]

Membership Chair: Sharon Greaney-Watt, MSW, LCSW, CASAC
(631) 422-0386
[email protected]

Chapter Committees

Adelphi University Liaison Committee

The Adelphi University Liaison Committee conducts outreach to students and faculty at Adelphi University Graduate School of Social Work campus in Suffolk County to explain the benefits of Society membership to faculty and students.  This Committee also coordinates the Chapter’s annual scholarship award to an MSW student at the Adelphi Suffolk Campus who intends to enter clinical social work.  For further information about the Adelphi University Liaison Committee or to volunteer to serve on this committee, you may contact the committee chairperson.

Disaster Preparedness Committee

The Society’s Disaster Preparedness Committee works to develop a list of training resources where members who wish to volunteer in disaster situations can receive approved training, as well as a list of organizations where they can volunteer once they are trained.  The Committee also works to compile a list of members who are trained in disaster response and the disaster response organizations with whom they are affiliated. To obtain training, locate an organization where you can volunteer, to inform the Society if you have had disaster response training and/or are a volunteer in a disaster response organization, or if you want information about disaster response preparedness you may contact the committee chairperson.

Terry Greenberg, MSW, LCSW
(631) 751-2774
[email protected]

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans, coordinates and implements the Chapter’s educational efforts, including various educational workshops and the Chapter’s annual education conference.  For further information about the Education Committee or to volunteer to serve on this committee, you may contact the committee chairperson.

Irene Dashiell, MSW, LCSW, BCD
(631) -289-8765
[email protected]

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee discusses legislative issues and works closely with the Society’s Legislative Committee to help implement the Society’s legislative agenda.   The chairperson of the Legislative Committee is a member of the Society’s Legislative Committee, which organizes all of the Society’s legislative activities.  For further information about the Legislative Committee or to volunteer to serve on this committee, you may contact the committee chairperson.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to attract new members to the Society and to  provide opportunities for networking among members of the Chapter.  For further information about the Membership Committee or to volunteer to serve on this committee, you may contact the committee chairperson.

Sharon Greaney-Watt, MSW, LCSW
(631) 422-0386
[email protected]

Mentorship Committee

The Mentorship Committee provides opportunities for MSW students, recent MSW graduates and MSW members who are early in their clinical social work careers, to partake in mentorship groups where they can network, discuss topics pertinent to their development as clinical social workers and can receive guidance, support, nurturance and advice to further their professional development as clinical social workers.  For further information about the Mentorship Committee, to join a mentorship group or to volunteer to serve on this committee or to lead a mentorship group you may contact the committee chairperson.

Charles Greco, MSW, LCSW, BCD
(631) 929-1400
[email protected]


Website Committee

The Website Committee makes sure that the Society’s website remains current and responsive to the needs of the Society.  Each chapter has a chapter website coordinator who is a member of the Society’s Website Committee and is responsible to enter their chapter’s news and events onto their chapter’s web page on the Society website.  If you have any chapter news to be placed on the Suffolk Chapter web page or any chapter events to be placed on the Suffolk Chapter Calendar on the Society website you may contact the chapter website coordinator.

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